Thursday, 12 August 2010

Party time

I am going to have a party.....fancy coming?

It is a lovely warm Summer evening (so obviously this is just an imaginary one!)

There are coloured tea light holders dotted around on the tables and up the path of my gorgeous, huge, well decorated house!

 found on

bowls of colourful jelly beans on all the tables

Jars of bright summer flowers


Big lawn games for all the children to play

The playlist is-


Along with some really good 80's and 90's tunes....a bit of barefoot dancing is required in these situations!

We will be eating barbecue food and Pizza and drinking juice cocktails
and Pimms...yum!

 After eating, drinking and dancing we will gather to relax on the grass on the tastefully strewn around Kath Kidston cushions

and blankets
 in front of a big screen and watch....

With big bowls of sweet popcorn and cups of tea :)

Best party I've ever thrown!........... Same again next year? x

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